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walking beam reheating furnace for steel billet

The walking beam reheating furnace is applied for large capacity production line in steel field.
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Product Description

1、 Equipment Purpose
This equipment is mainly designed for heating steel billet of 150x150x12000mm (Weight is approx. 2100kg) prior to the forging. The maximum working temperature is 1200℃ and the normal working temperature is 1080-1180℃. The rated production capability is 100T/h, and the walking frequency is 75 seconds at each time.
2、 Main Characteristics 
2.1 It loads from the side end and unloads from the other side end, which reduced heat loss greatly and made the full use of equipment’s space.
2.2 Reliable and reasonable loading & unloading device, as well as perfect Alarm & Check function, ensured a reliable and stable working of the work pieces.
2.3     Use the residual heat of waste gas to generate steam through waste heat boiler, as to preheat heavy oil. It is controlled by imported valve, the combustion of heavy oil is controlled automatically. 
2.4 Walk Function, a kind of design to keep the same TAKT time of each zone, as to ensure the heating quality of workpieces.
2.5 Better and Perfect Recording and Reporting Function.
2.6 Record and Output Function, it can trace back to the whole heating process.
2.7 Visually reflect the working condition inside of the furnace from the computer analogue display.
2.8 It is equipped with automatic pressure control system, which can regulate the smoke exhaust based on the pressure and minimize energy loss. The pressure can be controlled within5-20Pa.
2.9 It is equipped with Centralized Lubrication System, which relieves the strength of working, and ensures the normal working of equipment effectively. 

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