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walking beam heating furnace for steel pipe

Main Characteristics
1 . It adopts Side-in and Side-out design, reduced the heat loss and make the full use of equipment’s space.
2. Reliable and reasonable loading and unloading device with the perfect Alarm & Check function, which ensures a reliable and stable work of the work pieces.
3. Imported high quality combustion equipment and perfect double valve PLC control system gives an auto. temperature control and the air-gas proportion can be adjusted.
4. Walk Function, a kind of design to keep the same TAKT time of each zone, as to ensure the heating quality of billet.
5. Better and Perfect Recording Function.
6. Recording and Output Function, which can trace back to the whole heating process.
7. Visually reflect the working condition in
  • ND-1100
  • Nianda
  • 00018

Product Description

1 Billet Specification
No. Item Description Specification
1 Material of Billet Special Steel and Stainless Steel
2 Size of Billet 160×160×9000mm
3 Weight of Billet 1808Kg
4 Equipment Capacity 40T/h
5 Output Frequency 23 pcs/h
6 Walking Time 155 Second/time
7 Process Time 175分钟 (Minute)
8 Walking Distance 250mm
2 Main Equipment Technical Parameter
No. Item Description Specification
1 Effective Dim. of Equipment (L*W*H) 16500×10000×1400mm
2 Rated Temp. 1250
3 Normal Working Temp. 1150-1200
4 Productivity 40T/h
5 Heating Method Coal Gas, or Oil,LNG, LPG
6 Low Calorific Value of Fuel Coal Gas: 1250 Kcal/Nm3
 Oil:  9600Kcal/Kg
7 Height of Working Table +1200mm
8 Driving Method of Walking-beam Hydraulic Transmission Device
9 Qty. of Movable Beam 4Pieces
10 Qty. of Fixing Beam 3 Pieces
11 Side Beam Pieces
12 Rated Walking Takt Second/Cycle
13 Fastest Walking Beam 120 Second/Cycle
14 Lifting distance of Walking Beam 180mm
(Lift up 100mm, fall down 80mm)
Max. movement distance of Walking Beam
16 Effective Load Stations 65 stages 
17 Max. Load Capacity 117 T
18 Qty of Burner 48
19 Gas Consumption Coal Gas: 14000Nm3/h
Oil: 1800Kg/h
20 Burner Quantity per Zone Pieces
21 Temperature Control Zone Zones
22 Heat Utilization Rate 50%
23 Heat Exchanger Type Tube Heat Exchanger
24 Air Preheat Temperature 350-450
25 Power of Hydraulic Station Motor 37KW×2+1=111Kw
26 Power of Circulation Pump Motor 4Kw×1+1=8Kw
27 Lifting Oil Cylinder Φ140-1400   2(Set)
28 Moving Oil Cylinder φ100-360    2(Set)
29 System Working Pressure 16.0Mpa
30 Working Media N46
Anti-wearing hydraulic oil
31 Cleanliness of Grease NAS7 Grade
32 Power of Overhang Roller Motor 2.2Kw×12=26.4Kw
33 Deviation of Walking Device Within 30mm
34 Power of Drainage Pump 3Kw
35 Consumption of Cooling Water 4055=50Nm3/h
36 Opening Method of Door Penumatic
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