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car-bottom heat treatment furnace

This gas fired bogie type heat treatment furnace is especially designed for annealing, normalizing, stress-relief heat treatment of steel pipe. Using natural gas as fuel, combined with combustion systems, temperature control systems and procedures control systems, to achieve automatic control of combustion conditions, temperature and recording a variety of mechanical movement.
  • ND-1500
  • Nianda
  • 017

Product Description

1. Main Configuration of Equipment 
No. Item Quantity
1 Furnace body 1Set
2 Car 1set
3 Furnace door 1set
4 Furnace door lifting device 1set
5 Combustion System 1set
6 Combustion air pipe line 1set
7 Exhausting System 1set
8 Electrical control system 1set
2. Main Technical Parameter
No. Item Specification
1 Equipment type Gas fired bogie type heat treatment furnace
2 Rated Temperature 1100℃
3 Effective working dimension 12.0×2.8×1.5 mLength×Width×Height
4 Max. loading capacity 30 T
5 Effective size of car 12.0×2.8 mLength×Width
6 Name of Fuel Nature Gas
7 Calorific Value 8400 Kcal/Nm3
8 Max. Working Temperature 1100℃
9 Temp. Uniformity ≤±15℃ (in soaking period )
10 Temp. Control Accuracy ±2℃
11 Heating Zone 6 zones
12 Ramping up time 80160℃/h
13 Maximum Gas Consumption 280 Nm3/h  (2,352,000Kcal/h)
14 Combustion air consumption 2800 m3/h
15 Produced fume volume 3200 m3/h
16 Burner Quantity 12piece
17 Gas Inlet Pressure at main pipe ≯20Kpa
18 Compressed air pressure at inlet point 0.50.7 MPa
19 Air Preheated Temp. 150300℃
20 Burner Type High speed
21 Combustion Control Method Impulse control, automatically igniting, flame detecting, and flame out alarm
22 Car moving method Motor driven
23 Driving motor power 4KW×2sets
24 Car Moving Speed 310 m/minFrequency Regulating
25 Motor power of furnace door 5.5KW
26 Door lifting speed 8 m/min
27 Combustion fan power 15KW  
28 Control Method Computer + instruments automatic control (equipped with remote control communication interface)
29 Temperature Recorder Paperless
30 Industrial Computer Taiwan Advanced Co.
31 PLC System S7-200
32 Temperature controller Japan Shimaden
33 Thermocouple K
34 Thermocouple Accuracy 0.2Grade
35 Power Supply 380V  50Hz
36 Clasping Device for door and furnace body Mechanical Clasping method and pneumatic sealing method
37 Sealing device for car and furnace body Mechanical Clasping method and pneumatic sealing method
38 Skin temperature ≤+45℃
39 Skin Temperature at roof ≤+50℃
40 Total Install Capacity 50KW

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