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aluminum bar heating furnace

the pusher type heating furnace is applied for heat aluminum bar.
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Product Description

1.     Purpose of the Equipment
This batch type aluminum homogenizing furnace is designed with hot air circulating system, rated temperature of the furnace is 550. It is mainly supplied for heat treatment of aluminum items. It also can be supplied for tempering, aging, pre-heating, or solution of common metal products under oxidizing atmosphere. Besides, the furnace is equipped with loading trolley and control system, heating temperature and loading trolley can be automatically controlled by the control system.
2. Description of the Furnace Structure
Working procedure of the furnace:
1)    When start working, moving beam of the loading trolley is set at lifting position;
2)    workpieces is loaded inside of basket;
3)    Furnace door lift at highest position, trolley is transferred inside of furnace chamber;
4)    Movable beam is pushed by the hydraulic cylinder and will be set to its lower position; basket is settled at bearing brick;
5)    Loading trolley is transferred out of furnace chamber ,and return to loading position;
6)    Close furnace door , start heating.  
Working temperature inside of furnace is regulated by the control system. To meet temperature uniformity requirement, hot air is stirred by the circulating fan which designed at top of furnace roof. As one cycle is completed, furnace door is opened, travelling trolley is discharged out of furnace chamber, and then load next workpeice for heating. The newly designed trolley is more reliable and save energy at 35% compare with traditional furnace type.
3. Main Technical parameter
No. Item Unit Technical  Parameter
1 Heating Power  kw 320
2 Rated Voltage V 380 50HZ
3 Phase Phase 3
4 Effective of Furnace Chamber Mm 6500×900×800
5 Rated Temperature 550
6 Service Temperature 500
7 Heating Zone Zone 4
8 Temperature Uniformity ±5
9 Temp. Control Accuracy ±1
10 Trolley Moving Speed m/min 6
11 Skin Temp. ≤+45
12 Heating Up Speed
(non-load )
h ≤2.5
13 Circulating Fan kw 7.5×4sets =30
14 Motor power of Trolley Kw 2.2
15 Motor Power of Door kw 1.5
16 Maximum  Loading Capacity T 8
17 Motor Power of Hydraulic Cylinder kw 3
18 Hydraulic Cylinder
φ63 strock 200
19 Heating Alloy
20 Heating Alloy Type
Radiation Tube
21 Temp. Control  Method
PID adjusting
22 Temp. Controller 
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