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Nanjing Nianda Furnace Science and Technology Co., Ltd , was founded in 70’s in last century. To create an international advanced heat treatment equipment supplier as our mission, we embarked on the most hardly way for establishing a global brand in this world. Brand with 40 years history, information accumulation in heat treatment industrial field and its vast invests for D&R in Technology, We were authorized as the “High tech Company” in 2008 by China government.
As a leader in the manufacturing of industrial furnaces and heat treatment equipment, and with our slogan “Nianda Furnace, Best Services for Metals”, our products find their wide applications in iron and steel, non-ferrous metal, automotive and mechanical industries. We have independently held four provincial high-tech patented energy-saving products. 
Since 1991, we cooperated with IPSEN in German,WELLMAN in UK, and other famous industrial furnace suppliers for many equipments with most advanced techniques. Till now, those furnaces of different types include multi-functions heat treatment production line, roller-hearth bright annealing furnace for copper strip coil, and continuous solution treatment production line for aluminum, etc, have been installing in Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia, middle Asia, and Africa. 
We deeply realized that development of our company is inseparable from our friends of long-standing support; we have formed solidarity, cooperation, and win-win friendly partnership. A seed is sown in spring; a harvest will be reaped in autumn. With full support from our customers and close cooperation among the members of our suppliers, looking forward to the future, we have been overcoming all difficulties, and we will continuously bring in talents and improve our technicians, expand market share, accelerate up our innovation speed; we believe that we will create a worldwide famous BRAND with splendid future. 


We aim to maintain our consistency and trustworthiness for many years to come. We strive for close cooperation with our customers and business associates, based on loyalty and fair play. 


We are able to learn how its technology can be applied to best fit customers' needs and provide them with a unique competitive advantage.


We devote all our efforts to best performance. We give top priority: the best possible quality and effective support for our customers. 

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