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Continuous Roller hearth solultion Furnace

1.1 Annual production rate of this equipment:
700,000 pieces of cylinder head.
1.2 The facility will operate at least on 8 hours per shift, 3 shifts per day (24 hrs.), 5days per week, and for a total of around 6,000 hours per year. Cycle time must be properly defined to cover production requirements.
1.3 Dimension of charge basket: L1700×W1100×H630mm
(prepared by the user )
Weight of Charge Basket: ~270kg (without load)
  • ND-180
  • Nianda
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Product Description

1. Purpose
This roller hearth solution and aging production line is supplied for heat treatment large scale aluminum alloy. it is supplied by natural gas as energy source, combined with electrical control system, working process of the complete line is automatically regulated. Mechanical movement has interlock function with each other, inner atmosphere is stirred by circulating fan, temperature uniformity can achieve as ≤±3℃.
2. Designing Principle and Working Process Requirement
Temperature in solution furnace: 548±5℃; Temperature in aging furnace: 168±5℃.
  Quenching Transfer time in solution furnace:  ≤15S. It starts timing when the door totally open
  After aging process, aluminum castings will be cooled by force air , and   castings temperature will be cooled to 60-80℃.
   Working Cycle: 45min/ stacker adjustable

  Stackersize: 1800×1600×1600, load capacity per basket: 200 pcs.
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