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Air quenching oven for aluminium alloy

1 Heat up time :<90 minutes
2 Temperature and tolerance : 530°C +/- 5°C
3 Soaking time : 240 minutes
4 Total time door to door : 330 minutes
Water Quench
1) Quench media : Water
2) Quenching time : >=10 minutes
3) Quenching average temperature : 85°C+/- 5°C
4) Transference time (Solution to quench ):<15 seconds)
5) Cooling rate : 390°C/min
6) Final temperature: 85°C
Air Quench
1) Quench media: Air
2) Quenching time>=10 minutes
3) Quenching average temperature: Ambient temperature
4) Transference time (Solution-Quench): 15 seconds
5) Cooling rate 1°C/sec
6) Final temperature:<150°C
Aging oven
1) Heat up time :< 90 minutes
2) Temperature and tolerance:220°C +/- 3°C
3) Soaking time: 270 minutes
4) Total time door to door : 360 minutes
Coolin rate 3~5°C/min
Final temperature Ambient+20 °C
1) Alloy : 319
2) Head weight load to conveyor: ~Metal: 15.7 kg Sand:0
  • ND-560
  • Nianda
  • 014
  • T7 heat treatment equipment

Product Description

1. Failure Inspection and Alarm System: 
This production line has complete failure detecting, alarm, diagnose, safety protecting function. Audible alarm will notify operator in time to take action.

Pressure control system has alarm function like : furnace pressure abnormal alarm, gas pressure abnormal alarm , air pressure abnormal alarm, and compressed air low pressure alarm. If one of the data is not met required level, solenoid valve will cut off gas supply.  

For safety operation, combustion system is mounted with many safety valves, such like anti-explosion valve, cut-off valve, shut-off solenoid valves. Once power supply is stopped, solenoid valves and actuator will automatically shut off.

The driving system is with a main drive chain breakage detector.
The hot air circulating fan is with a rotating speed detector and a soft starting device.

2. Manual Operation during commissioning and Maintenance:

During commissioning or maintenance the production line, operator can manually run the equipment through operating box and touchable panel.

3. Touchable Screen
For easy to reflect actual running condition of the production line, and easy for operator to run the equipment, 2 sets of MP277 touchable panels are separately located at loading, and unloading area. Mimic pictures display running condition of the production at crystal screen. All relative components are programmed in different color; operator can easy to manage it.
The whole working conditions are indicated in the screen with colorful pictures. Operator can easy to control the equipment with Chinese language.
Besides, the control system has alarm function. 

 4. Security Measure of Control System
Control system set with password, only authorized operator has right to login in computer. 

4.1  Power Supply

One power distributing box is located in control cabinet for control instruments. The main switch of the power distributing cabinet is electrical controlled. The UPS is supplied for emergency use.

Electrical equipments, cables, control cabinets are safely linked with ground earthing wire. Gas pipeline is designed with anti-electrostatic wiring, and chimney is protected with lightning arrester.

All control parts have auto/manual operating method, thus ensure operator can deal emergency condition. 

5. Control cabinet
Control cabinet is supplied by Rittal Group. Duct preventing grand is IP54.
Size: 2000×800×600mm, control cabinet should be designed with air conditioner.
The air conditioner is used for control cabinet. It is supplied by Kunshan Kuntuo Ltd, 3 sets of air conditioners are placed on top of control cabinets.
The control cabinets will be installed with electricity current flow meter.
The compressed air system will equipped with pressure gauge where it should be easy to read. Pressure gauge connected with control system, and has alarm function.
Solution furnace and aging furnace control system is independently operated, and continuously controlled together.

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